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* Limited period offer.
Monthly Subscription
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INR 10,000
INR 5,000*
* 50% Inaugral Discount (Limited period)
Unlimited jobseeker leads
1 month validity
Quarterly Subscription
(Renew every 3 months)
INR 26,000
INR 13,000*
* 50% Inaugral Discount (Limited period)
Unlimited jobseeker leads
3 month validity
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INR 90,000
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* 50% Inaugral Discount (Limited period)
Unlimited jobseeker leads
12 month validity
Pricing FAQs
Is there any limit to how many jobseekers I can contact?
No. Once you subscribe, you will have unlimited access to all active jobseekers that connect with Unnati Employment Exchange during the period of your subscription. You can contact all these jobseekers with suitable job opportunities.
I have multiple recruiters. How many recruiters can use my subscription?
Upto 3 recruiters can simultaneously use 1 subscription to login and access fresh leads daily. If you wish to enable more than 3 recruiters to login and get fresh leads, you will need to purchase another subscription.
Once I have purchased a subscription package, can I stop my subscription or get a refund?
No. Once you start your subscription, we will be unable to refund the subscription fees. However, if you wish to pause your subscription for some time and extend the validity period of your subscription, do call us at +91 98182 80711.
Is my credit card / netbanking information secure?
Yes. Unnati does not store your debit card, credit card or netbanking information. All payments are made through PayU Biz, one of India's leading payment gateways.